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ImagineIndia Barcelona 2011 (2 to 29 December)

ImagineIndia Barcelona 2011 (2 to 29 December) - 5th Film Festival Barcelona
ImagineIndia Barcelona Film Festival celebrates this year it's 4th edition. The best films showed at the 10th edition of International Film Festival ImagineIndia in Madrid will be selected, being complemented with few films of previous editions.
      The three previous editions of this festival in Barcelona have been a great success and the festival will continue with the same enthusiasm to give a showcase to films which normally do not reach the spanish screens, and show the less known face of Indian Cinema.
Indian cinema is experiencing huge change on it,s script, editing and production knowhow and growing up with Films which highlight controversial issues in the Indian society :  woman and child abuse, terrorism, organized crime,  quite different to the "Mainstream cinema from Bollywood", far from the glamorous musical numbers and luxury. Directors like Anurag Kashyap, Ram Gopal Varma, Dr. Biju, Ananth Mahadevan, Nandita Das, Mani Ratnam, etc...  along the years have been presenting their best work at Imagineindia, breaking topics, with a more dynamic contemporary stance which even for the West could be not acceptable, immersed in a long confusion. Every film of Lars Von Trier is the "best ever" when "No Smoking" of Kashyap is "Exotic".
      The opening Gala of the festival will be held on December 2  at the Film Institute of Catalonia in Barcelona, with the presence of Qazi Abdur Rahim (Director of ImagineIndia), Raman Deep (Director of ImagineIndia Barcelona) Rafael Carrasco (Asian Films), Octavi Martí (Deputy Director Film Institut of Catalonia). 
In addition to the exhibition of films there will be numerous side events related to Indian culture that will make this event unique in Barcelona.

Organized by: ImagineIndia & Asian Films
Sponsors: Moritz, Mayura, SOGO
Collaborators: Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya,Coordinadora de Festivales de Cine y Video de Catalunya, Carnet Jove.